Electronic producer, songwriter & vocalist. Made in Manchester, based in Berlin.

Walking the line between Northern English romanticism and Berlin club culture, Sable is an electronic music producer with a focus on the everyday and the intimate. With delicate vocals woven into post-dub inspired beats, her songs look at small moments as a lens through which to address the personal and the political. The upcoming EP was written, recorded and produced by Sable in the latter half of 2020. Trapped in Berlin over Christmas, far away from family and friends, the tracks explore feelings of alienation, political & social frustration, and finding joy in those around you. Moving from tongue-in-cheek to deeply confessional, they capture the full scope of being 23: madly in love with the world, and deeply angry at its flaws.

After several years of writing songs and singing in pubs, Sable taught herself music production in her university bedroom. Following her graduation in 2019, she ran away to Berlin to escape the oncoming storm of Brexit and further develop her ability as a producer and DJ. In 2020, Sable completed a residency at Amplify Berlin under the mentorship of James Young, one half of Darkstar (Warp, Hyperdub), releasing Life Like This at the end of June. September of the same year saw the release of Tiny Kingdoms, a collaboration with UK based Physical Theatre company, Project Lockout. The track and video are an ode to late nights out, and the power of dancing together.